While others do pretty pictures, we do it all

3D scans show pictures of your baby in three dimensions. 4D scans show moving 3D images of your baby, with time being the fourth dimension. It’s natural to be excited by the prospect of your first scan. Whilst this is a wonderful experience that cannot be missed, there are much more to pregnancy that a 3D/4D scan.

A lot of ultrasound practices offers little to see those few grams in your belly. They offer a bonding experience but that is about it. Usually they will say please note that this is non-diagnostic scans and does NOT replace visits, guidance, or scans from your Sonographer, Gynaecologist, Clinic and or Medical Practitioner. Vital organs or any other health issues or health assessment will not be evaluated during these scans. For full detailed anatomy scans and all health assessments, please speak to your doctor and sonographer.

This is what makes us different. We have fully qualified sonographers that does all the scans necessary for pregnancy. From Dating Scans and Gender Scans to NT Scans and Anomaly Scans (Fetal Assessment) to Pre-delivery checks, abdominal and pelvic scans.

Will you trust anyone with those little grams in your belly just to provide you with pretty pictures. With First Glimpse Ultrasound Services we offer you all the scans required during your pregnancy.