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    Growth Scan & Doppler

    Growth Scan & Doppler

    Why might I need a Doppler scan?

    Your doctor may recommend a Doppler scan if you need extra care during your pregnancy, for example if

    • your baby isn't growing at a healthy rate
    • your baby is measuring small for dates
    • you're carrying twins or more and there are signs of twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS)
    • you've previously had a small baby
    • you've previously suffered the loss of your baby in late pregnancy or at birth
    • you have an existing medical condition

    PRICE: R700

    SCAN DURATION: for a 15 - 30 min scan


    Fetal Growth Scan:

    A fetal growth scan is a scanning procedure to ensure the growth and development of the fetus according to the gestational age. 

    Occasionally, small measurements in the baby’s size can mean that the baby is not growing as well as it should be. 

    Fetal Doppler Scan: 

    The doppler scan, on the other hand, is a scanning procedure that is used to determine how much blood is flowing through their blood vessels.

    Fetal Doppler scans measure blood flow through the umbillical cord and different parts of the fetal body. This information can show whether the fetus is getting enough oxygen and nutrients from the placenta.